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Novel Mitsuko

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In this novel, Mitsuko is the main character. She was a little girl of noble Fujiwara clan about thirteen years old. As the nobility, Mitsuko lived near the palace along with other nobility until there is an attack on the palace by the monks of Mount Hiei and Chizokuksu temple. By her father, Mitsuko, mother, brother and sister evacuated to safe places, in mountain cottage in Tamba. But in the middle of the trip, the group intercepted and robbed the Mitsuko family warrior monks who have largely destroyed the town and castle. Some servants were killed, including his own brother-in-law, Yugiri, Amaiko husband. Although Mitsuko and the family survived, shaken his soul Amaiko. Moreover, the mountain cottage is found also in severe disrepair.
Lord Tsubushima, position under Mistuko caste, offering assistance to Mitsuko families to live in a castle within a day trip with an ox-drawn carts. This family was originally rejected. But eventually the offer can not be rejected because her daddy reinforcements also not forthcoming while food supplies have been depleted. Lord Tsubushima willing to accept a family with one condition, one must be married with children Tsubushima Lord.
Knowing the terms proposed Lord Tsubushima, Mitsuko’s sister, Amaiko carried off the unconscious because her soul looking for a soul slain husband. Mitsuko runs scour the woods behind the cottage and lost it. At the time of confusion because it is located in the middle of the forest, Mitsuko saw a temple that has been damaged and forced to spend the night with her sister who was also unconscious. In the darkness of night, many eyes are watching them, they are none other than the eyes of tengu, for human beings shaped crow which can become the enemy of human and very evil in humans. They have the magic and can change into anything they like.
Mitsuko helpless amid tengu that threaten it. And she told her story, where her brother became unconscious because her soul to find her husband's life slain by the warrior monks. Luckily, tengu is very hostile to the monks and they agreed to help Mitsuko and her sister.
One of tengu, Goranu, even became friends Mitsuko. He even flew to the king invites Mitsuko sea dragon on the island of Enoshima in Sagami Bay. Unfortunately the sea dragon king did not know how to treat Amaiko. He just gave a black pearl that would take him into the bowels of the earth and meet with Susano-wo, god of storms and earthquakes. Susano-wo was the one who invites Mitsuko and Goranu, entrance halls of the basement where the human spirit dwells and recorded by Lord Emma-o, judge the people who died.
                                 Susano-wo who asked if there Yugiri soul among the souls                                    of the dead? Lord Emma-o Yugiri found no soul in his notes. Mitsuko had to whisper, a taboo that should not be done. Whisper that makes Lord Emmon-o wrath because he forbade the living creatures into place. Bunian people, Lord Emma-o finally hunted Goranu and Mitsuko who escaped. Both were captured separately and Goranu bunian people Lord Emma-o.

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